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cape town stadiumConstruction of the breathtaking Cape Town Stadium, located on the Green Point Common between the twin South African icons of Table Mountain and Robben Island, began in March 2007. In just 33 months, joint contractors Murray & Roberts and WBHO completed the massive project at a cost of R4,4-billion – or approximately US$600-million. GMP Architects of Germany and two local firms, Louis Karol and Associates and Point Architects, joined forces to design the stadium. All systems of the 68 000-seater were tested and the brand new stadium welcomed the world to “the greatest show on earth”.

The sweeping silhouette of Cape Town Stadium has forever changed the face of the surrounding Green Point Common. Enveloped by a façade of woven fibreglass coated with Teflon, it resembles a rose-coloured bowl floating on a base when lit up at night. The architects have dubbed the stadium “the diva of Cape Town”, due to its ability to reflect the constantly changing moods of the city in varying weather conditions. The design and construction of the roof is unique. Its basic structure resembles a bicycle wheel, open in the middle. Some 72 cables linking the outer and inner rings of the circle were slowly tightened to raise the roof from ground level to its present height. In another first, the roof has 16mm-thick panels of glass to cover and protect spectators from strong winds and rain. This lets in the light, while the ceiling panels underneath – made of woven PVC fabric – soften the noise from within.

A review team appointed by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism has found that Cape Town Stadium meets high standards of environmental protection. Water and energy efficiency measures are part of the design and, when the old Green Point Stadium was demolished to make way for the new one, 95% of the components were recycled and reused. Water from the stadium roof and drainage from the pitch is pumped into ponds on Green Point Common, thus reducing dependency on potable water. The inward pitch of the roof and the use of the roof’s inner ring to house the 360 lights (instead of using high exterior masts) are both features that make the stadium more attractive.

Set in an 85ha urban sports park that caters for seven different sports codes and includes a golf course and a public recreation precinct, the stadium lies virtually at the foot of majestic Table Mountain, and is only a few hundred metres from the famous Sea Point seafront promenade. This world-class venue has been designed to not only offer football fans an unforgettable experience, but also with a view towards giving the people of Cape Town a beautiful, versatile venue.

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